Why Hire a Professional Handler?
Are they Really Worth It?

Professional handlers are hired by owners to exhibit their dogs in American Kennel Club (AKC) conformation events. They are distinguished from others who bargain to show dogs for owners - the "agent". Unlike an agent, the professional handler offers a higher degree of knowledge and education, affiliation, and sound business practices related to the showing of purebred dogs.

The expert handler has spent many years learning and honing the art of exhibiting a show dog. Over time, they have developed superior skill in the training and conditioning, presentation, and method of properly caring for the show dog. They represent a community who are focused, deliberate, passionate, and concentrate on culturing a favorable handler-client-dog relation that maximizes a show dog's potential.

Most professional handlers are members of associations that accredit, regulate and represent the interests of professional handlers and other stakeholders involved in the sport of showing purebred dogs. Only after passing a rigorous application process are qualified persons admitted to these organizations. Employing one of their members offers you the peace-of-mind in knowing that your dog is in the hand of someone who is credible and is the best at what they do. It also offers you support and recourse in resolving disputes or avoiding deceptive business practices sometimes encountered when dealing with others.

Since 1926, the oldest and most prestigious professional handler organization is the
Professional Handlers' Association (PHA). Other reputable organizations are the Dog Handlers Guild (DHG) and the AKC Registered Handlers Program.

The PHA demands that members maintain the highest standard of conduct and adherence to its strict
Code of Ethics. Affiliates are educated and experienced in the expert care, conditioning, and handling of the purebred show dog. Membership in the PHA conveys to the dog owning public an immediate pledge of professionalism, integrity, and confidence. Owners can rest assured that they are not engaging just an individual for service, but someone backed by an association that is far larger than the individual.

Standards of care, cleanliness, supervision, business practice, education, facilities, ethics and conduct should be important to you and your dog. You may invest more for services provided by qualified handlers, but you are receiving genuine experience and expression of true professionalism.

Hire a member of the PHA -
Quite Simply the Best!